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Are you ready to play? August 20, 2010

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This is your chance to try looking at situations in a new way. Like this:

  1. Post a situation. It can be simple or complex. From the media or real life.
  2. Consider a solution or perspective that honors the truth of all parties, no judgement, no losers.
  3. Practice the art of win/win. It may be harder than you think.
  4. Take it as far as you can then leave it for others.
  5. There are no wrong answers.

You can post your own issue and let others play it. The more complex the problem, the more difficult the game, and the more potential solutions.

Remember the object is not to be the authority, the one who decides who’s wrong, but one who offers a potential solution that recognizes that everyone’s truth is unique based upon history and perspective.

Harsh responses may be best left unengaged.


Suggest a Game August 19, 2010

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Do you have an issue that you want to share? Offer a situation from your unique perspective, then add your idea of a solution or analysis. Or ask others to consider it. Please keep the rules in mind as we try to find what good may happening in a situation that may not appear that way on the surface.

Use the comment segment of this post and I’ll elevate it to a game in play.

“Burn the Koran Day” as a catalist for choice September 8, 2010

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When a small Florida church decides to burn the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 we might be tempted to believe that turmoil is escalating, everything is in decline, and we will never have calm again. What if there’s a hidden benefit?

What if extremes are opportunities for us to make a choice about what we want in our world? When such actions reach the awareness of so many we have the chance to choose alternatives in large numbers.

If we want a world where everyone is honored, every color, every size, and every belief system, this is our moment to choose. We limit ourselves when we think we need to detail a step-by-step solution. We need only to focus on what we want and avoid getting caught in an endless dialogue of woe. The solution will find its way to us.


AGT as a Lesson in Self Love August 25, 2010

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Situation: All three America’s Got Talent judges buzzed beautiful young contestant Kristina Young as she sang what Sharon Osbourne described as a Fosse-type arrangement of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

More and more, as we see a broad range of talent stand before the AGT triumvirate, or American Idol judges, we are seeing contestants who will not allow themselves to be defined by the opinion of others. While they listen to observations made, many will decide which elements to accept and which to reject.  They demonstrate for all of us that we each must rely on our own truth, and that talent and expression comes in an endless variety of packages.

I’ve gone Squirrelly August 24, 2010

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Situation: A young squirrel trusts humans to supply the help it needs.

Yesterday, my husband and I were adopted by a squirrel.

A juvenile squirrel was climbing up and down the tree in our backyard chirping in distress. Usually you don’t get to see very young ones, so something was amiss. It had some kind of slime on its little black back and a bit of a limp, both we learned, from the jaws of the neighbor’s dog.

My husband came into the house claiming it had followed him around and had climbed on his shoe, hitching a ride like a little kid. Chirping (or whatever they do) all the while.  He had to close the shed and the house door to keep it from coming inside. He brought out some peanuts which the little creature had no interest in.

Our visitor would follow us around the patio wanting some kind of help. I was surprised to be allowed to pet it, (when I got over my fear of being bitten and getting rabies and all that). It was after all, a baby in distress. When it sipped at water splotches near the garden hose I rushed inside to get a saucer for water and a little bread and milk. (Don’t judge me, I don’t know what to feed a baby squirrel!) It didn’t trust the food but drank the water.

I decided to make  a nest and took a section of 6-inch PVC water pipe and filled it with fallen maple leaves from the yard. Placing the pipe at the base of the tree, I put our buddy in the opening and nudged it inside. It curled up on the leaves and sounded its distress call from its bed. My hope was Squirrel Mama would hear her baby and come to escort it home.

In the morning our guest was still in the bungalow. When we came back home in the early afternoon there was a second young squirrel, a grey one this time, camping out in the water pipe. They both enjoyed a luncheon of bread and water, then the black one took a little nap. Typical of kids, the grey could not stand to see the other sleep and had to wake it up.

I’m hoping that together they can figure out what squirrels are supposed to be doing before we have to buy backpacks and school supplies.

Egg Recall due to Salmonella August 23, 2010

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Situation: Huge egg recall in U.S. Luckily no deaths so far due to salmonella. Many abuses by management in the past. Video shows stressed chickens packed together like blades of grass, and harsh handling of sick chickens. Even reported abuses of employees.

What is our belief about corporate agriculture? Do we really think the government can protect as well as we’d like? Do fines and penalties really hurt big producers? What do we expect and what can we do? There’s something good going on here. Can you see it?

Rob Blagojevich August 21, 2010

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Situation: A governor with the opportunity to appoint a replacement to a U.S. senate seat is accused of corruption when he appears to require payment to influence his selection. He claims he has done nothing wrong and was found guilty in only one of 24 charges against him.

Perhaps he was playing the game as he had always seen it played. Perhaps he interpreted what he saw around him through a filter of his own reality that shaped it in this particular way. Perhaps his mistake was to be too open about what had previously been a common but secretive practice.

If he had been found guilty and marched off to jail it would have been very easy to decide that one bad apple had been purged from the bushel and the system was returned to pristine condition. We are now given a chance to consider further what we want and expect from our political systems. Have we been compliant in accepting that dirty deeds are the way the political game is played? If so, the results are as expected.

Jennifer Aniston’s Slip August 21, 2010

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Situation: Jen refers to herself as a “retard” on Regis and Kelly.

What if she was simply using a grade school expession to describe herself as “nothing special”. No insult intended to anyone but herself. Perhaps a lesson to us on the power of a word and how fragile someone’s self image can be.